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Aspire CoffeeWorks offers craft-roasted coffees while opening new horizons for people with disabilities. We are a partnership between Metropolis Coffee Company, one of the nation's top artisan coffee roasters, and Aspire, a non-profit leader helping children and adults with disabilities. Each time you enjoy our coffee, know that your purchase is helping children and adults with disabilities. 100% of Aspire CoffeeWorks' net proceeds benefit Aspire's life-changing programs for people with disabilities.

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Aspire Bold $13.95/lb

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Dream Big Decaf Dream Big Decaf$14.95/lb

This big-bodied decaf is naturally processed for a full, complex flavor. Earthy, herbal notes give way to a sweet almond & dark chocolate finish.

Aspire Espresso Aspire Espresso$13.95/lb

A rich and distinctive espresso perfect for the everyday indulgence. Flavors of chocolate, fruit, spice, and honey amplify in milk for a truly unique latte or cappuccino.

Aspire Roast Aspire Roast$13.95/lb

Ease into your day with our smooth signature blend. Rich in flavors of toffee and pecan, this is a terrific breakfast blend that sweetens even more in milk.

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